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Analytics and tracking are everyone's business

Today, the business of data & analytics is ubiquitous and part of almost all digital products. Games and programs are a popular means of easily obtaining user data sets.

Individual  Company overview generate unimaginable amounts of data (sometimes in the petabyte range) every month through game analytics alone, which they collect from desktop and mobile devices across platforms. Users are rarely informed truthfully about this.

At the latest since the Snowden Leaks in 2013, it has been officially known to the public that intelligence agencies and official authorities also have games and gaming platforms such as the platform of Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. in their sights, read and intercept data, and even compromise entire platforms. This is because the data available there is not only easy to obtain, but also just as easily disclosed voluntarily by many users.

The  Metadata, which can be combined to create individual images of individuals, is particularly covetous. The data to be collected is even more extensive, especially in games, and ranges from moral aspects of users to sexual preferences.
Destiny of Blood


Released: 2017

Destiny of Blood is a turn-based strategy game. This original storyline is set out of this world, with two talkative main characters who go on a magical adventure.

As author of this website, I would like to help on these pages to make data visible, to publish data violations and to illuminate industries that often self-legitimized take what they want. Explained in detail with offered possibilities for end users to defend themselves against data arbitrariness by corporations like Facebook, Inc. with the help of background knowledge, data examples and   Hosts files