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Disabled Services

Q: Why are certain services disabled?

Countless programs and games come with online compulsion, account binding or simple online binding these days and users are often used to being connected to the Internet so that conflicts of interest can exist here.

In the offered hosts files many of these services have been switched off or partially deactivated because they sniff out unauthorized, are unnecessary or simply data crakes that neither shear around privacy, nor inform their clientele.

Examples of blocked content in programs, games and websites:

  1. Video players or other content on the Internet intertwined with advertising
  2. "Social" networks / data parasites like Facebook
  3. Data cracks, malware/viruses and spyware
  4. Curious programs with regular callbacks or unusual behavior
  5. Countless connections made by operating systems such as Windows by Microsoft Corporation

Blocking is contrary to user usage. Switching off services can be that a product no longer works or only works to a limited extent.

Either security and privacy or you allow everything and is unprotected. Both are usually not possible together.

Unblock Content

Q: What can I do myself if a service does not work?

The hosts files are special unlike other providers on these sites. Content as well as structural.

Just look at the lists and you can see that the lists are sorted and categorized. In the page menu of the hosts Download as well as during normal scrolling, not only individual categories, but other sub-items become accessible.

Users also notice that entries have been equipped with unique product, publisher name, and other identification features. This is to help you find your way around.

If you use the lists for your own use and a service does not work as it should, please first check if there is an associated entry and delete it.

Optionally, it is possible to comment on an entry.

Should be there still problems and could not be solved, please contact me via existing contact options or directly via Steam. Support via Teamspeak is also possible.

Multiple namings

Q: Why are entries in the hosts files multiple times?

The multiple attribution of entries in the offered files is one of the points that are special and thus also causes problems with AV providers.

In contrast to the classic hosts structure, the simple reason for this is that all entries on these pages are assigned to a respective product or a website and thus appear several times.

If you want to activate or deactivate a service, you have to bear in mind that it can be found several times in the respective list