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False/Positive Messages

Q: Why is host setup judged as harmful?

This is a false/positive.

In some tests, the newly compiled "GI-Host-Templates.exe" from the Downloads of WindowsDefender was incorrectly detected as a virus and moved directly to quarantine.

The hosts file itself is also affected by the problem. The site Bleepingcomputer   summarized the problem quite well.

Blocking spyware and telemetry is dangerous. The question is only for whom. 😀. In short: Corporate interests are being enforced that deliberately throw a non-existent danger into the room that has absolutely nothing to do with the alleged security.

Since this was not only annoying for me as a creator but also causes problems for users, the Hosts Setup and associated files were passed on to Microsoft Security Intelligence   and checked.

In this case, it only helps to create an exception rule.

Any content offered on GameIndustry is virus-free.

AV, - and third-party software

Q: What anti-virus programs cause problems?

Various programs react allergically to the offered hosts files and are judged to be harmful. Kaspersky Internet Suite and Windows Defender fall into the category.

While Windows Defender only wants to move the hosts file to quarantine

Kaspersky's software immediately blocks access to the Hosts Downloads, independently deletes entries from the hosts, and denies a description of the hosts file.

The Kaspersky company was asked to comment several times, but ignored any request until today

However, many of these warnings are misleading to consumers. Why?

The site of F-Secure Labs sums up the problem in a small paragraph.

This detection is used to mark host files with multiple entries that refer to a single IP address or IP block. This is a feature of many Trojans that modify the hosts file to facilitate communication with a malicious remote server.

Or in short: It is owed to the structure as well as certain entries that are located in the hosts files. Note the following paragraph.

Q: Are there any other third party software that causes problems?

Another stumbling block for consumers is that the filter lists offered by third-party software (mainly Snakeoil-Software) are deleted, or even changed independently. There may be several reasons for this.

However, it is mostly due to the fact that the view is that profit is facing security interests.

Consumers are thus deliberately unsettled and betrayed by the companies who actually promise you security. Worse, by spyware and bypassing protective measures, end users pay twice and weigh themselves in false security.

  1. Avast steals, sells data and analyzes user behavior * 1, 2, 3
  2. Malwarebytes issues false messages and changes filter lists * 1
  3. WiseCare 365 pirate alarm * 1
  4. IoBIT Driver Booster deletes all AWS entries

In addition to false reports of alleged security risks, this procedure not only leads users to smooth ice, but also specifically undermines their own security environment. Here only informing, thinking, not panicking unnecessarily and not letting yourself be chased into the fenugreek.


Q: Are there repositories? If so, which one?

In the course of transparency, various hosts decided to publish files on so-called repository platforms such as Github   and Codeberg  .

This brings several advantages

  1. The transparency - Open Source
  2. Users have the possibility to trace the slightest changes to the files
  3. There are areas for suggestions and comments on the platform