deals with game analytics, spyware and unnecessary connections in games and programs on different platforms and systems.

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Game analytics, Tracking, exposed or unnecassary connections:

One of the main goals of this page to collect and explain game and spyware mechanics in these days.
It's also a way of making a well-founded complaint to companies and to help other people around ;]

To strengthen my own privacy as well as for any other who is interested i publish all data which is self-evident taken by industry and show an easy way to block all nosy stuff via hosts in software and websites (as far as possible) on several devices. The files can be used to protect/enhance your privacy while playing games, block advertising, malicious content using programs or browsing the internet.

All entries are sorted by publisher/company and product names to make navigation easier.

False positive warnings

One warning from some snakeoil software, especially Kaspersky Internet Security. Visiting my sites can cause a false positive warning with "Trojan.Win32.Hosts2.gen" message.

That's wrong. Why? F-Secure (external source) delivers an easy answer.
This detection is designed to flag hosts files with multiple entries that point to a single IP address or IP block. This is a characteristic of many trojans, which modify the hosts file to facilitate communications with a malicious remote server.
Should be self explained. Since on this page connections per product are shown, such a thing cannot be avoided. Kaspersky was informed several times but there is no real solution. To watch entries or download files an exception is necassary. As well for editing the hosts on the own device. But that's a general topic. No site related ;]


  1. Mini template to block spyware in Android-Games and Software
  2. Full template to block spyware in Android-Games and Software
  3. Mini template to block spyware in PC-Games
  4. Full template to block spyware in PC-Games
  5. Main hosts file as txt
  6. Main hosts

Search function:

As a bonus, there is a on this site with over 1000 games which is continuously extended. It's possible to search for publisher and product titles.


All published hosts files from are under Creative Commons license CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 (external source)
Unless otherwise stated, all content is protected by copyright

Important for dealing with the file(s):

Those hosts files are for experienced users and for those who want to become one ;]

It's a lot of stuff blocked there and if you do not know what to look for, it can be pretty annoying. Sorry, but i do not tolerate some companies and mechanics anymore. To find possible problems faster and to make the system easier for me and others, all entries are sorted by categories, company/website and/or productnames. Really "important" stuff like Captchas, Anti-Virus Updates or payment services is partly untouched (as far as they don't spy customers out).

Especially blocked root domains or special services like logins can be affected and can cause trouble. Another example are checks for validating serials together with analytics. Possibilities are unfortunately endless.

And why? Because analytics and tracking services are often hidden under root domain paths or are contaminated with advertising.

Some stuff is blocked because they are completly annoying and brazenly. Adobe is an example. Microsoft too, some news related sites and so on. Feel free to delete those entries or do own modifications for personal use.


In case of further publication, the CC license and any copyright information must be observed. The use or change of my reviews or site related (except hosts) content is not permitted. If you want a translation of anything, feel free to ask.


Otherwise it's always a look worth here. The pages are constantly expanding and maybe i will do a full english version in far future. This is a single person project, it takes a lot of time and costs a lot of money to buy software(games) to test.

Thanks for understanding and attention.